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  • Education of citizens

  • Support

  • Consultative activities

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Institute for Cross-border Areas is aiming to reduce local, regional and cross-border socio-economic disparities in remote areas. Institute for Cross-border Areas was founded on 20th May 2014.


Founders of the Institute are leading CSOs and development institutions from Eastern Serbia:

  • Timok Youth Center, Zaječar
  • Timok klub, Knjaževac
  • SVEZA, Bor
  • Regional center for SME development Timok, Zaječar
  • Manifesto, Knjaževac
  • RARIS - Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia, Zaječar
  • Cluster for rural tourism „Magic of East“, Zaječar


  • Support for the establishment of a legal and institutional framework for planning, organizing, coordinating and implementing development activities
  • Encouraging of inter-municipal, inter-regional, cross-border and international cooperation on issues of mutual interest
  • Consultative activities with all stakeholders in order to improve border areas
  • Advocacy for better cross-border cooperation,
  • Reduction of local, regional and cross-border disparities in the level of socio-economic development and conditions of life, focused on encouraging the development of underdeveloped, devastated industrial and rural areas,development of economy based on knowledge, innovation, modern scientific and technological achievements and management organization,
  • Education of citizens in different areas of socio-economic development


  • Drafting policy recommendations with regional perspective 
  • Leading Eastern Serbian Cultural Heritage Cooperation Platform – Project financed by Serbian Ministry for IT, Tourism and Trade
  • Managing regional “Knowledge date base” – a date base related to four key regional developmental priorities: environment, agriculture, tourism, infrastructure;
  • Member of Regional EU platform within the project „Active Eastern Serbia in the EU accession process“ responsible for communication with CSO;
  • Member of National Convent for EU Accession




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