Presentation of digital tourist map of Knjazevac municiality

1st December 2017 

In order to improve visibility, availability of information and promotion of tourist offer of Knjazevac municipality, 1st December 2017 in Knjazevac was presented the Digital tourist map of Knjazevac. 

Digital Tourist Map is based on 'Google maps' platforms and provides a quick and easy overview of the tourist offer of Knjazevac, such as attractions, accommodations, facilities of rural tourism, restaurants, wineries, sport facilities, picnic and so on. 

Digital map Tourist is free to download and for further use. It is available at

Digital tourist maps Knjaževca is made by the Institute for pgranična areas with the help of the Tourist Organization of Knjaževac and support of the Municipality of Knjaževac.

Promotion of Digital Atlas of the cultural heritage of eastern Serbia 

13th April 2016  

Digital Atlas of the cultural heritage of eastern Serbia was presented on 13th April 2016 in Regional development agency of eastern Serbia in Zajecar  

The promotion was attended by representatives of institutions and organizations dealing with cultural heritage in the region of eastern Serbia, as well as citizens interested in this topic. 

The overall objective of this multi-lingual interactive web platform is to emphasize the importance of innovation in the processing and storing of information, the establishment of additional affirmation of the rich cultural heritage of the region and highlighting their tourist importance. 

Digital atlas of cultural heritage of eastern Serbia was formed in partnership of the Institute for the border areas with RARIS (Regional Development Agency  of Eastern Serbia), Museum of Knjazevac, the National Museum in Zajecar and cooperation of 22 organizations and institutions dealing with cultural heritage in Eastern Serbia . These organizations and institutions are also proponents of examples of cultural heritage contained in the Digital Atlas. 

The project was implemented with the assistance of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications (

Conference ‘’The future of border regions towards the EU’’ 

17th March 2016 

Within the project ''The future of the border regions and the EU ', 16
h and 17h March in Knjazevac was held the conference ''The future of border regions towards the EU''.

The conference was organized by the Institute for border areas and RARIS (Regional Development Agency of Eastern Serbia). The aim of the conference is to help the Serbian border regions to be better prepared for EU integration. The conference presented the process of EU integration and its impact on the border regions of Serbia. This event brought together more than 80 representatives of local government, business and civil society in Eastern Serbia.

The following topics was discussed:

The participants of the conference were: 

Download presentations from the conference:

After the conference it was made the reference: Conclusions of the conference ''The future of border regions towards the EU''. The document can be downloaded ovde.

The conference was held with the assistance of the Municipality of Knjaževac.